Featured Vendor: Ryan Design

When it comes to designing any event whether that be a birthday party, non profit event or our favorite, tented weddings, creating a welcoming atmosphere that is both functional and beautiful is the perfect way to describe the decor/lighting that Ryan Designs offers their clients.

We have had the amazing chance to work with them on so many of our events that you should get inspired and see what they can do too!

 How long they have been in the events industry/what made them choose this career:

Ryan Designs is celebrating their 10th Year!!! It all started because both Erik and Christen are third generation entrepreneurs – when they got together they knew they wanted to do their own thing. He was working for an event company in Newport while he was finishing his degree at URI. Simultaneously she was going back to school for fashion design – and occasionally would help out at the event company if they needed an extra set of hands. It became clear that with their combined skills, would be good at events. Erik is logistically gifted. Christen loves people and the creative process and more recently has really come to love business strategy and focusing on their long term goals. But ultimately it was planning their own wedding 11 years ago that really showed them that not only they could be good at it – but there was also a need for it. So they made a plan and got to work!

What they like most about working in the wedding/events industry:

 Hands down, the people she says. The Ryan Design team is everything – they are fun, creative and driven – and they would truly would not be here without them. They also love all of the relationships that they have developed in this industry. Christen and Erik wouldn’t be here without them either. Being surrounded by so many hard working and talented vendors is pretty amazing! The best events are those ones where it is a true collaboration between all the vendors and the clients – when everyone is bringing it – it’s a thrill to know they have built something together. 

Some of the most requested items that clients are looking for for their events:

  • Seeing lots of brides focusing in on ambiance – comfort, individuality, spaces that feel like their home. Sofas, end tables, chairs – the lounge is getting a big upgrade and they are here for it.
  • Personalization is everywhere – custom neon signs, wood signs, and ceremony touches are in full swing for 2020. 
  • Mood lighting. LOTS of mood lighting.  They are seeing a shift in brides being gutsier when it comes to lighting. They are getting many proposals for chandelier groupings – which is a really fun and fresh idea when it comes to lighting. Love the boldness of 9 crystal chandeliers in a group. Also, let’s not forget about the Rattan pendants – those are not going away any time soon and we are okay with that. 
  • Ceremony Arbors & Backdrops -> lots of fun ideas circulating around the internet.  Who doesn’t love a unique focal point behind the “I do’s”? They are working on a few custom arbors for the 2020 season that we can’t wait to share!

What they like about  designing an event under one of our tents versus an indoor space:

Tents are a blank canvas! You can create anything! And when you get to work with a team like Greenwich Tent you know you are working in a beautiful, clean, well-maintained product, with a team that is committed to the success of whole event. It’s simply the best. (So kind of them!)

Geographic areas they service:

They will go anywhere! But primarily cover the whole Northeast! 

Feel like you want to see more and get inspired!? Check out their awesome Instagram!!


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