Featured Photographer: Leila Brewster

When people say that a picture is worth a thousand words that couldn’t be more true for a wedding day! Your wedding photographer becomes your second set of eyes on your big day, capturing all the personal details, moments and an atmosphere full of love. 

Having photos of the moment your bridesmaids see you in your dress for the first time, the moment you say I Do, the beautiful reception tables and your first dances are memories that you wish could last a little longer, well, that is exactly what Leila Brewster is going to capture on your magical day. 

She is a photographer that has been a part of a few of our favorite weddings over the past few years and we wanted you to meet her and see some of the amazing pictures she has taken! 

Leila has been featured on The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty, Harper’s Bazaar Bride and Carats & Cake.

How long she has been a photographer:

She been a photographer for over 20 years, and 10 professionally. Her mom gifted her a camera when she was 15 for a trip to Paris and the love affair with the still image started that day. It was pretty much fate! 

How she got started photographing weddings:

About 10 years ago, she sat down and asked herself what she loves. Having two degrees and at the time playing soccer in Denmark, Leila knew she didn’t want to work for anyone but herself and knew that her soccer career was ending. So she sat down and made a list. She LOVED people, travel, and photography. Reviewing the list it just made sense that weddings were the perfect combination of those three things! She then hung up her soccer cleats and never looked back. 

The geographic areas she services: 

She is really all over the place – Most of her weddings are in CA (up and down the whole state), NY, RI, CT, VT, with a few destination sprinkled in. She will go anywhere! 

What she likes about photographing under our tents versus an indoor space:

She love photographing under your tents because of the dynamic lines! Instead of a flat ceiling, she loves how the tents curve upwards. And she loves seeing the many ways you can dress the tents up – some prefer twinkle lights, while others do floral installs. It’s so fun to see how each client makes the space their own.

Her favorite style of tent, Sperry or Clear top to photograph: 

She does love a clear top for daytime because she has always loved nature and thinks that the clear top is the best way to be out in nature, but inside not worrying about bugs (the mosquito’s LOVE her). She will say though that a Sperry tent is great for bouncing light – It helps create a more dynamic lighting situation under a white tent whereas the clear top is limiting on her flash angles.

Some events she has photographed under one of our tents that have created a lasting memory: 

Sammi and Rob’s wedding a couple of years ago in Greenwich, CT. Pictures Below!

If you love these photos as much as we do, then you will love her Instagram!! 

Photograph by LEILA BREWSTER
Photograph by LEILA BREWSTER
Photograph by LEILA BREWSTER
Photograph by LEILA BREWSTER

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