A Wedding on an Apple Orchard

When it came to selecting the ideal setting to exchange vows, this couple drew inspiration from the natural beauty of Breeze Hill Farm, an apple orchard on the North Fork of Long Island. This destination holds a special place in their hearts, as Sarah’s family has a house on the North Fork and she has visited the area since childhood. It became a cherished spot for the couple throughout their relationship.

To share this connection with their guests, they included an illustrated map of the locale on their Save the Dates, created by Paper with Benefits, inviting everyone to discover and love the area as much as they do!

The Tracy Taylor Ward team, did a stunning job executing every detail for this outdoor wedding. The cohesion and richness between the outdoor garden aesthetic with a touch of elegance and refinement in the table-scape and flatware was downright gorgeous!

The ceremony space was set back in a lush, apple field with greenery and floral enriched archs at the beginning and end of the alter creating amazing textures that were perfect for framing the space beautifully.

Drawing inspiration from the lush foliage of the apple trees lining the property, Tracy Taylor Ward designed the couple’s festivities to highlight the orchard’s natural beauty. Leaf motifs were elegantly woven into every decor element, from tableware, linens, and candelabras to the dance floor and suspended orbs.

To foster a cozier atmosphere within our Sperry Sailcloth Tent, the vendor team incorporated hanging greenery-adorned orbs. This addition was aimed at directing guests’ attention beyond the reception tables, creating a more intimate ambiance.

Additionally, the actual fruit from the orchard was incorporated into each table’s design, creating a harmonious and visually stunning celebration.


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