Coastal Luxury at the Weekapaug Inn

We are so excited to share the first ever event at the Weekapaug Inn that hosted our 18M Clearspan Losberger Structure as this location typically uses our Sperry Sailcloth Tents for their events!

Tents may be temporary, but the ambiance they hold is eternal. Lighting, decor, and greenery united to transform our 18Mx30M Clearspan Losberger into an incredible reception space for these coastal September nuptials in Rhode Island.

On a stunning September weekend, this couple celebrated their wedding day with an outdoor ceremony overlooking the picturesque lake on the property. The décor featured lovely shades of blue and white, accentuated by abundant lush greenery that seamlessly melded into the surrounding scenery, striking the perfect balance without overpowering the natural beauty of the setting.

Enclosed with glass walls, air conditioning and our silvered oak plank flooring, this wedding reception structure was definitely the wow factor of this wedding weekend and one of our favorite events to date!

Considering the September weather’s unpredictability, the Matthew Robbins team, along with their clients, chose to ensure full climate control within the reception tent. Glass walls and an HVAC system were installed, capable of regulating both air conditioning and heating depending on the wedding day’s weather conditions. This decision was crucial for the planning team, prioritizing guest comfort above all else. Ensuring attendees can focus on celebrating without concerns about temperature fluctuations allows everyone to fully enjoy the occasion without any attire-related worries.

The Stoneblossom team executed a flawless design with their floral centerpieces, which harmonized perfectly with the striking patterns of the table linens from Nuage Collection. Enhanced with a touch of lavender, they created a delightful contrast that added to the overall charm of the décor and was perfect with pulling together accents of the gold tableware.

To foster a cozy atmosphere, greenery adorned the ceiling of the structure, lending depth to the textured surroundings and guiding guests’ gaze throughout the reception space. This botanical touch became particularly enchanting as the sun began to set, casting a warm glow over the dance floor and captivating guests’ attention from all angles truly capturing coastal luxury at its finest!


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