Country Club Summertime I Dos

The Patterson Club provided the picturesque backdrop for this enchanting late September wedding. The outdoor reception took place on the golf course beneath our 15M Clearspan Losberger Structure, complete with Chestnut flooring. The décor exuded a modern and airy ambiance, with floral-filled chandeliers gracing the dance floor area as the main focal point. Soft, light drapery added a touch of elegance, gently reducing the sunlight pouring into the reception tent.

At the heart of your wedding is the art of seamless transitions. From the welcoming energy of cocktail hour to the grandeur of the reception, every detail is carefully intertwined for a celebration that flows effortlessly. 

This wedding last September was designed with the cocktail hour and reception tents abutting each other. This created a seamless experience and design from one to the other while keeping an open air ambiance throughout the day! 

The intricately crafted centerpieces by Hana Floral infused the space with vibrant colors, textures, and lush greenery, perfectly complementing the floral chandeliers above. The soft glow of pale yellow candles added a cozy, summery ambiance as the sun started to dip below the horizon, completing the enchanting atmosphere.

This image above shows the view that the bride and groom have overlooking their reception tent! Talk about a dream, it is perfectly situated for tear worthy speeches, first dances and enjoying an incredible late night party dance floor!

Another notable addition to the tent was the sheer white drapery provided by Vivid Event. This elegant touch contributed to a soft and refined ambiance, enhancing the visual impact of the space under the tent and adding to its overall allure.

The glass vases, candles, and glassware seamlessly integrated into the tables, allowing them to blend in effortlessly and enhancing the overall dimension of the reception tables. This subtle incorporation ensured that the focal point remained balanced and visually captivating without overwhelming the space.


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