Sperry Arched Canopy

Genuine sailcloth arched canopy for an original, elegant event experience.

A one-of-a-kind offering available only by Sperry. Laminated bent wood arches and custom fabric only serve to enhance a classic Sperry Tent. Used as an elegant entryway, a seamless transition between two Sperry tents, or an extension for a band or bar, the possibilities abound.


Distinctive Design

The laminated bent wood arches present a striking and elegant structure, creating an inviting and memorable entrance or space.


Versatile Functionality

Whether uniting two tents or extending a single space, the canopy offers flexibility in how it enhances an event’s layout and flow.


Custom Fabric Elegance

With custom fabric tailored to suit the style of each event, the canopy is more than a structure—it’s a statement piece that elevates the aesthetic.


Multipurpose Adaptability

Ideal for various uses from welcoming entryways to stylish extensions for bands or bars, the canopy’s adaptability makes it a valuable addition to any occasion.


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