Clear Top Tents

Dine under the stars with unparalleled views.

Clearspan structures by Losberger De Boer represent the very best in temporary spaces. Demanded by event professionals worldwide, clean interior spaces up to 200′ wide, paired with industry leading engineering and myriad options for customization, the possibilities are endless for both private milestone and corporate events.


Starry Sky Views

Enjoy a dining experience under the night sky; our clear top tents offer a transparent roof that invites you to gaze upon the stars without leaving the comfort of your event.


Custom Craftsmanship

Each tent is a work of precision and quality, crafted by the skilled artisans at Anchor Industries, ensuring your event’s shelter is as memorable as the occasion itself.


High-Grade Materials

We use only high-grade clear vinyl for our tents, ensuring clarity and durability, while the Serge Ferrari brand facing guarantees an industry-leading finish.


Versatile Décor Options

The clear tops not only provide spectacular views but also allow creative freedom with lighting and décor, enabling a truly customized event atmosphere.


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