Losberger Clearspan Structures

Clearspan structures by Losberger De Boer represent the very best in temporary spaces.

Demanded by event professionals worldwide, clean interior spaces up to 200′ wide, paired with industry leading engineering and myriad options for customization, the possibilities are endless for both private milestone and corporate events.



The Losberger Clearspan Structures offer unmatched versatility, allowing for seamless customization and adaptation to different event layouts and themes.


Spacious Interiors:

With their clearspan design and absence of internal supports, the Losberger Clearspan Structures provide a spacious and unobstructed interior.


Quick Installation:

Their modular design and easy assembly process enable quick installation, saving you valuable time and ensuring your event preparations stay on schedule.


Elegant Aesthetics:

The Losberger Clearspan Structures exude elegance and sophistication, enhancing the overall ambiance of your event.


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