Frame Tents

Endless tenting solutions for every property.

Our inventory of Navitrac and Navitrac Lite frame tents crafted by Anchor Industries allow endless solutions for tenting even the most difficult or unusual properties. With widths ranging from 9’ to 50’ and limitless lengths available, they can be sized to accommodate any event. All of our frame tents are custom ordered without scallops and with industry-leading Serge Ferrari fabric.


Versatile Footprints

From the compact 9’ to the expansive 50’ wide, our Frame Tents can stretch to any length, making them the perfect fit for any space or event.


Tailored for Any Event

Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a large-scale affair, our tents are customizable to meet the exact needs of your occasion.


Premium Fabrication

We exclusively use Serge Ferrari fabric for our tents, ensuring a top-tier, durable, and elegant shelter that stands out at any event.


Sleek Design

Our frame tents are intentionally ordered without scallops, offering a sleek and modern design that elevates the look and feel of your gathering.


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